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Estate Planning


 If you think that estate planning is a tool for the rich or the elderly only, it’s time to think again. People of any age can benefit from having a game plan. If you should die suddenly without first setting up a trust or writing a will, then the state will distribute your assets for you in accordance with local laws, and they will do this with no regard for what you might have wanted. Worse, the process could be held up in probate for months or even years, thus forcing those you love to wait much longer to receive their inheritances 




At the Law Offices of Ty Carss we're committed to providing the highest quality legal service.  

We understand the idea of bankruptcy is often frightening. We will take the time to work with you so that you understand how bankruptcy will affect your debts and your assets, and help you to make the best decision for you and your family through personal and confidential service. Ty Carss personally handles your case throughout the entire matter.  Click below for more information.

Driving Under the Influence


The  Law Offices of Ty Carss is dedicated to each and every client with our concierge type of practice. Getting a DUI does not have to be the end. A DUI is a serious offense and should be treated as such, but it is a charge that a DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer can beat. We can help reduce your fine, avoid jail time, save your drivers license and negotiate aggressively to lighten your sentence or better yet even walk away FREE! 

Additional Practice Areas

Criminal Defense



A criminal accusation is far from a great feeling, nor is it something to take lightly. It just might be the toughest circumstance you ever deal with in life. There's a possibility that prosecutors, law enforcement, and the public will try to break you down to get a confession. The heavy load of being faced with a criminal charge can also be taxing on your mental, emotional, and physical health. For that reason, seeking counsel from skilled criminal defense lawyers in San Diego would be a wise decision to make for your case.

At the Law Office of Ty Carss, we are committed to being faithful advocates for the accused. If your freedom is on the line, our criminal defense attorneys can help. We know how difficult and stressful the thought of a conviction, and even jail time can be.

Restraining Orders



Restraining orders are used to prevent violence, harassment, stalking, and other forms of abuse. They are issued using the sworn testimony of the party requesting the order. Sometimes referred to as protection orders, restraining orders are issued by a judge in both criminal and civil cases.

When used in a civil case, a restraining order can be intended to prevent two or more parties from making contact or performing actions such as may constitute a public nuisance. In criminal cases, these injunctions are intended to prevent one party from doing harm to another by prohibiting movement or behavior which would be likely to bring the two parties into close proximity or contact with each other.

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