Benefits of Estate Planning


Planning for your family’s future is serious business, and it’s something you need to do right. With proper planning you will be able to control and protects assets:

  1.  while you are alive and well;
  2.  if you become incapacitated and can no longer make financial or health care decisions; and
  3. upon your death.

Comprehensive Estate Planning Package


Fortunately, Law Offices of Ty Carss in San Marcos has a comprehensive estate planning package that addresses all three of these life events. Our standard estate planning package includes:

Revocable Living Trust

Will or Pour-Over Will

Living Will

Appoint a legal guardian for minor children.

Durable Power of Attorney for your Finances.

Health Care Power of Attorney for your health care decisions.

Initial Funding of your trust and Funding Memorandum

Personal Property Memorandum

Memorial Instructions

Certificate of Trust

Regardless of the specific type of instrument you devise, the expert attorney Ty Carss will help you do it right.

Estate Planning in San Marcos

Avoid Probate

 If you think that estate planning is a tool for the rich or the elderly alone, it’s time to think again. People of any age can benefit from having a game plan. If you should die suddenly without first setting up a trust or writing a will, then the state will distribute your assets for you in accordance with local laws, and they will do this with no regard for what you might have wanted. Worse, the process could be held up in probate for months or even years, thus forcing those you love to wait much longer to receive their inheritances. 

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From one state to another, estate-planning regulations are both unique and precise. An expert in the subject can ensure that:

  • Your estate planning documents will allow your family to avoid probate.
  • Shorten the amount of time in which assets are distributed to your family.
  • Avoid unhappy family members or friends from contesting your
  • Keep family harmony during a time of grief.


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