Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


Wipe Out Your Debt & Get Back to Your Life

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is powerful. It deletes your debt and gives you a fresh financial start! Debt doesn’t have to plague your thoughts day in and day out. With the help of legal professionals, it’s possible to have your debts resolved so you can get back to living life normally. By calling the bankruptcy attorneys at the Law Offices of Ty Carss in San Marcos, you can better understand your options for how to use bankruptcy as a means to resolve the pressures and stress associated with debt.

Filing chapter 7 bankruptcy will:

  • Stop creditor calls
  • Stop wage garnishments
  • Stop bank levies
  • Stop repossessions
  • Stop foreclosures
  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck

How Bankruptcy Helps Hundreds of Thousands of People

During substantial life changes, outstanding debts can cause serious problems, making Chapter 7 bankruptcy a life saver. This kind of bankruptcy erases debt while protecting your belongings, offering you a fresh financial start. Bankruptcy stops creditor calls and third party debt collectors from harassing you. The San Diego Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers at the Law Offices of Ty Carss have experience working with United States bankruptcy laws, and have helped hundreds of clients eliminate debt and get their lives back.

​​​​​​Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be worth considering if you are:

  • Unable to pay more minimum payments on credit card bills
  • Being sued for past due debts
  • Without a job to pay your bills
  • Taking money from one credit card to pay on another
  • Struggling with personal loan payments
  • Facing huge medical bills, taxes, or child support payments
  • Late on your house or car and risking loss of the property
  • In a divorce and must pay part or all of the debts
  • Your credit is bad and wiping out debt will improve it
  • Paying on credit cards but never getting ahead
  • Paying a huge part of your income toward your credit card payments
  • Liquidating retirement to pay bills
  • Unable to pursue education because you can’t get ahead on your credit card payments

Eliminate Debt without Losing Anything

Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives you a fresh start by eliminating debt while allowing you to keep most of your property. In fact, most clients keep all of their property and lose nothing but their debt! Because bankruptcy law is not meant to punish you, the law allows for property exemptions to keep your car, house, jewelry, clothing, and everything else.

Unsecured debts like credit card balances, personal loans, money judgments, and certain taxes can be wiped out in a Chapter 7. Some debts are not wiped out in a bankruptcy case including certain taxes, most student loans, alimony, child and other court ordered support payments and criminal claims.

Choose How to Manage Financial Obligations

The professionals at the Law Offices of Ty Carss help clients to make the decisions, not their creditors. For secured debts such as home mortgages or automobile loans, clients can choose to pay off an asset at its current fair market value, return the asset to the creditor and wipe-out the balance due, or keep the asset and continue paying it as they have been.

Bankruptcy offers a lot of options but you need an experienced bankruptcy attorney to help you determine your options and how to proceed. The team at the Law Offices of Ty Carss can help prepare clients for what to expect, with pre-petition planning to help you take advantage of any special exemptions allowed by law.

Bankruptcy cases typically last about four months, from the date the case is filed to discharge. During that period, clients will need to attend a 341a meeting of creditors and they will be accompanied by an experienced Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in San Diego at the Law Offices of Ty Carss. Our attorneys have attended hundreds of 341a meetings so they are well versed in the entire process and will be there with you every step of the way.

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